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" There are people that want to reach out and talk about mental health — that's essential in moving forward. "
– Adam Levy
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Call to Mind Live

Saturday, May 4, 1–5 pm
Bauhaus Brew Labs

Kick off mental health awareness month with Call to Mind, MPR’s initiative to foster new conversations about mental health. We’re hosting Call to Mind Live, a free and family-friendly live music and wellness event featuring music and conversation from Lydia Liza and P.O.S. Andrea Swensson of The Local Show will have on-stage conversations with the musicians about how they manage their careers, creativity, and wellbeing. Enjoy live music and real talk, and also join in fun wellness activities, connect with mental health resource groups, get a bite from the food trucks, or visit the Bauhaus Brew Labs tap room for a beer, craft N/A brew, or kombucha.

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Mental wellbeing is for everyone

All of us experience various levels of mental wellbeing at different points in our life. Half of us will personally experience at least one mental health condition in our lifetime. And yet misconception and discrimination still exist, causing people to feel shame, suffer in silence and either not seek or be able to access treatment.

The time is now to move forward and address mental health. Call to Mind aims to inform and mobilize new conversations about mental health.

of people experience a mental health condition in adulthood

Reach Out

If life slips sideways, connect with someone who can be there for you. If you are dealing with an emergency, call 9-1-1. Otherwise, here are some resources that can help you connect to people specific to your needs.

Nationally Resources

In Minnesota


We're in this together

Though mental illness is a health condition much like any other, we often treat it as if it’s a choice. This common misconception creates barriers to care. It takes an average of 10 years—a full decade!—for a person experiencing a mental health condition to seek the care they need. From the things we all say ("You’re crazy!" "Snap out of it"), to problematic portrayals in popular culture, to systemic complacency, we have a lot of work ahead to fix our misconceptions about mental health.

What myths have you encountered and shattered?

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You can help us create new conversations about mental health. Join us at a live event, tell our reporters what you want to learn more about, or join the conversation using #calltomind.

Michael Pollan and Dessa - How to Change Your Mind

Wednesday, May 22
Fitzgerald Theater, St Paul, MN

As a part of Minnesota Public Radio’s mental health month, Call to Mind presents this very special conversation between Michael Pollan and Dessa discussing his New York Times bestselling book "How to Change Your Mind," focusing on the emerging research on the use of psychedelics and mental health care.

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Lets Talk MN Presents Them Coulee Boys and Dead Horses

Saturday April 20, 2019 at 7:00PM
NorShor Theatre, Duluth, MN

Join us for an amazing night of music at the historic NorShor Theatre in Duluth. is proud to present a Mental Health Awareness concert featuring Them Coulee Boys and Dead Horses with special guests Three Altos. Doors open at 6pm with Elsa Lee in the Mezzanine. Ticket price includes a t-shirt. Ticket proceeds go towards CHUM.

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Spotlight on Mental Health Policy

Past event at the UBS Forum, MPR HQ on February 15, 2019

This Call to Mind forum will examine why people who need medical attention are unable to access care, and why many service providers still point to funding concerns when mental health parity is federal law.

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Spotlight on Students

Past event at the Science Museum of Minnesota on November 17, 2018

MPR News host Angela Davis and three experts on children and mental health discussed how to identify kids who need help and how schools, practitioners, and families can work together to give kids the support and treatment they need.

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Creativity and Mental Health

MPR's Dan Kraker hosted the conversation December 4, 2018 at the Duluth Folk School

The connections between mental well-being and creativity, the arts as a form of communication, coping, and therapy, and musical expression as healing. A community conversation to share experiences with mental health, and how the arts and creative self-expression have helped.

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Call to Mind: Entrepreneurs Tackle Mental Health and Wellbeing

Past event on October 9, 2018

This live discussion panel delves into the investments entrepreneurs have made in mental health, the science behind their products, and the opportunities and barriers they face in offering new solutions to the mental health market.

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What questions do you have about mental wellbeing? What do you want to learn more about? What do you want our reporters to cover?

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Let's get talking

Talking about mental health is a critical first step to moving forward—for our own mental wellbeing and for the wellbeing of our communities. But when we talk about mental health conditions, it’s important that we use language that demonstrates respect and acceptance.

Check your word choice, and make sure you’re creating an environment that’s open and welcoming. Join or start a conversation with #calltomind.

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As a community we all need to acknowledge that mental health in itself is something we have and mental health challenges is something we all deal with. So acknowledge that we are all going through this and acknowledge that we all go through it in different ways.

- Airrion Williams