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Spotlight on Indigenous Relocation

Thursday, October 24, 7:00-9:00 pm
Minneapolis American Indian Center

A straight-forward, insightful discussion of the cultural effects of ongoing trauma and mental health impacts from the federal government’s relocation program designed in the 1950s to assimilate Indigenous people into white-centric society and eliminate tribal governments and culture. This discussion is held by and for Indigenous people living in the U.S. and will include audience Q&A.

Hosted by Anton Treuer, American Indian panelists will delve into the impacts of historical trauma and the resiliency factors that empower so many to overcome the systems of discrimination and persist. This event will be recorded for broadcast/publication. This event is free, but registration is required.

Fading Minds: Why There's Still No Cure for Alzheimer's

Maja Beckstrom and Sasha Aslanian, APM Reports

In the 1970s, the founder of the National Institute on Aging convinced a nation that senility was really Alzheimer's and could be cured. Research money flowed to one theory, leaving alternatives unexamined — today it's come up short.

Read more about, The invention of a disease and the pursuit of one molecule. And, listen to the audio documentary that delves into what it’s like being a caregiver to parents with Alzheimer’s, and explores new research into ways we might be able to stave off  dementia through social change and better habits.

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