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Terrible, Thanks for Asking - "What Happened To You?"

Terrible, Thanks for Asking” is a podcast that asks people to give honest answers to the question, “How are you…?” Because everyone goes through hard stuff, and the more we talk about it the less alone we are.

In their series, "What Happened To You?" (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3), Nora McInerny and the TTFA team delve into how challenging situations that happened to us as children affect the adults we become. The series features stories of childhood trauma, and explains how public health leaders are quantifying Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) to understand the impact of trauma on people and communities.


Fading Minds: Why There's Still No Cure for Alzheimer's

Maja Beckstrom and Sasha Aslanian, APM Reports

In the 1970s, the founder of the National Institute on Aging convinced a nation that senility was really Alzheimer's and could be cured. Research money flowed to one theory, leaving alternatives unexamined — today it's come up short.

Read more about, The invention of a disease and the pursuit of one molecule. And, listen to the audio documentary that delves into what it’s like being a caregiver to parents with Alzheimer’s, and explores new research into ways we might be able to stave off  dementia through social change and better habits.


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